Louisiana Central Railroad Company Room Construction

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And the view from the other end of the room.  There is no doubt that the can lights won't be needed during layout operations!  The fixtures are a combination of 8 foot, 4 foot and 2 foot lengths (the 8 footers use two 4'  lamps end to end).  The fixtures are wired so that a group of up to 4 lamps all use a common ballast.  This saved considerable costs and reduced the total electrical load.  You generally can't buy fixtures wired this way off the shelf...don't waste time looking for them at Home Depot.  I had to order them, which really wasn't that big of an ordeal.  I did have to wait about 3 months for them to be fabricated and shipped, but I knew that up front so ordered accordingly.  I also ordered the fixtures with a high quality electronic ballast.  There is no hum, and these ballasts are more efficient than older magnetic ballasts.  Again, a savings in power.
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