Louisiana Central Railroad Company Room Construction

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Back to our starting corner for the first shot of the painted panels reinstalled.  While the paint went on okay, I had the unexpected difficulty of the edges sticking to the plastic drop cloths.  After each coat dryed, I had to sand and trim the panel edges of excess paint.  That took virtually as long as the actual paint job did!  The white finish picked up the light level once again.  The room in reality is much brighter than what it appears in this photo.  And the illumination is fairly even.  So far I'm happy with that aspect.  Note also that the carpet has been installed.  It's a commercial grade carpet glued to the concrete floor.  It has enough cushion to be comfortable, but the weave is short and tight, so little bitty parts hopefully won't get swallowed up when they travel there.  It has helped considerably with quieting down the space also.
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